Hope Academy for Dyslexics

Creating Confident, Compassionate, Critical Thinkers

Our School

At Hope Academy, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to thrive in their educational environment.


We are a 1st-8th grade school in the East Bay. We serve students with high learning potential who have a language based learning difference, such as dyslexia. Many students with such differences have struggled in the traditional classroom. Our goal is to provide children with the tools, skills and knowledge that they will need to become successful.


Hope's approach to education includes: small class sizes, a 1:8 teacher-to-student ratio, multi-sensory practices throughout the subjects, an emphasis on learning styles and many enrichment activities.


For more information or to schedule a visit:


Hope Academy

5353 Concord Blvd.

Concord, CA 94521


email: hope4dyslexics@gmail.com

phone: 925-687-7555


Hope Academy admits students of any

race, color, gender and national or ethnic origin



Hope Academy uses the Slingerland Approach to Language Arts for reading, writing, and spelling. Content area subjects such as science and social studies incorporate field trips and hands-on activities to reduce reliance on texts that may be written at levels above student reading skills.


We offer opportunities for growth, creativity, and expression that build self-esteem. We are a full service school with enrichment in art, drama, social studies and science.

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